Menu Styles

Menu Styles

Avenue K provides three styles of food service: The Seated Dinner, The Seated Buffet, and The Progressive Buffet. Variations between styles could affect your per person pricing. Exact pricing for your event is determined by food  selection, number of guests, and style of food service.

Seated Dinner

  • Provides your guests with a single (or dual) entrée served to each individual guest.
  • Place setting with formal flatware, glassware and a linen napkin for every guest.
  • Guests are served passed hors d’oeuvres until they are seated for dinner.
  • We can indulge your guests with a cocktail hour specialty station(s)  in addition to passed hors d’oeuvres. This may include a Sushi Station, a Pasta Station, a New South Station, a Peking Duck or Mu Shu Chicken Station or more.
  • Once seated, we will serve a salad course (or pre set salads, upon request) to each person.
  • After your guests enjoy their salad course, our wait staff will then serve a second course or entrée course to each guest
  • Dessert can either be served or presented buffet style.
  • The Event Coordinator will be happy to set out your place cards with this option. Please have cards in alphabetical order. Avenue K can provide complimentary table numbers.

Seated Buffet

“The Seated Buffet” style of food service combines the variety of a buffet with the formal structure of a seated meal. This unique style:

  • Provides your guest with multiple entrees to please all palates
  • Offers butler-passed hors d’oeuvres during a formal cocktail hour
  • Features a complete place setting for every guest
  •  Includes all silverware, stemmed glassware and ivory linennapkins at each seat
  • Provides a served salad course accompanied by bread and butter
  • Provides attendants for each station to maintain appearance, replenish food and describe menu items to the guests
  • Creates an organized flow as the event coordinator invites guests to the buffets one table at a time
  • Allows guests to return to the buffet as often as they wish Often features assigned seating and a head table
  • Exact pricing for your event is determined by food selection, number of guests,event time frame, style of food service and event location.

Progressive Buffet

In the “The Progressive Cocktail Reception” style of food service, all food stations are immediately available to your guests upon their arrival. Our staff will encourage your guests to progress from station to station throughout the event.

This unique style is described as follows:

  • Passed hors d’oeuvres are available for most events.
  • Indulges guests with a large variety of food.
  • Provides a complete meal in a vivacious and energized atmosphere.
  • Includes all silverware, eight inch designer china and signature Avenue napkins at each buffet station.
  • Provides seating for 50 – 100% of the guests depending on fi nal guest count and location of event. Less seating will also provide for a more social affair.
  • Provides attendants for each station to maintain appearance, replenish food and describe menu items to the guests.
  • Offers the option of chef attendants for eye-catching action stations.

The Progressive Cocktail Reception creates an invigorated social event with an outstanding selection of food items along with an engaging presentation. With important advice and direction from our team members, our clients will customize the menu to their liking.